Moved and Re-Assembled

Many thanks to Marshall who put in night hours with me in the rain to get this house moved and put back together.   Next project will be getting electric to the house and the interior built out a bit.


New Foundation

Friday is the big move of the house up to the main campus.  Marshall and I rapped the foundation on Wednesday.  Project nearing completion.

I was  fortunate to become reconnected with Danny (pictured above when he was living in the woods in North Austin with his wife Maggie) who stood on a Billboard on I35 to raise awareness of homelessness and MLF.  Today he and Maggie look very healthy and are putting the pieces of their lives back together in an MLF home.  I learned that Danny has 20+ years of steel work and house painting in his past and when I mentioned the Micro House he was very excited to join us.  He is joyed to be working, and volunteering with us after the 1st time out.  He may be the best caulker I have ever seen, he outlasted the student volunteers by 3 hours, and sent no text messages.  Just work!

Wow those colors are wild, I am not sure how I feel, how did you decide on the colors…….?

We embarked this semester on completing the Micro House even though to most it appeared finished.  Cayce and the volunteers who work this summer to make the cottage warm and inviting gave the new class the freedom to consider the houses as a conversation, a canvas and a way to draw people to its interior to learn the story.  The new colors are in a way are an announcement to the community that “I AM HERE.”  The feeling on our Saturdays together working on the house is a complete break in the academic structure.  The colors are freeing.

We studied a village in Portland OR called Dignity Village to get additional inspiration.  http://www.dignityvillage.org/

Here are some images from their community and the additional colors on the micro house. Patrick

Hi Gang,

Our goal as a class will be to finish this project by November 5th for the 35 anniversary of the Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems (the site that hoses the Micro House) and the 100th anniversary of UT SOA.   Hundreds of people will see the project and learn about MLF through our work.   I am very proud of what has been done thus far, but we are only half way.  There is a facet of this project for everybody in our class (friends, family and interested volunteers as well), from moving the structure and  site preparation,  re-assembly, interior design, a green wall, color coordination for the interior and exterior, landscaping, promotion and most importantly a master plan with MLF for uses of the cottage.

Our 1st project will be removing the front porch, painting and new site preparation which is about 50 yards closer to the main cluster of buildings at CMPBS.   We would like to start the work on Friday 10/1 or Saturday 10/2.

We were super excited to have Alan Graham out to the MLF Cottage prototype.  This was his 1st time visiting the Center for Maxium Potential Building Systems and our humble construction project.  He is always pumped-up and positive which is very inspiring as well as a man of action and communication.  It was very important to Cayce, Steve and I to share the house will Alan and get his approval to take it to the next level.   Alan shot an iphone video and posted it the same day here.  http://www.youtube.com/user/mlfnow#p/a/u/0/nXing8NwMVU